Refund Policy

This Refund Policy is an appendix to our Terms of Service

All of our Script Techs add ons are tested to work for the versions they state. We cannot guarantee that the add ons will work with other add ons you have or if you have source edits. Our services (installation, support and site management) are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

Refund Procedure:

Script Techs Add Ons Purchased on our Website

Should our add ons not work on your site due to a failure of our add on and not due to any other 3rd party add on or any modifications on your part, you can ask for a refund within our support tickets if it's within 30 days of your purchase. In order to qualify for a refund you must have submitted a support ticket and allowed us to come to your site to fix the issue. This means we require FTP and AdminCP access. Should we not be able to get the add on working for your site, and should the issue be solely related to our add on and not to other 3rd party conflicts or to modifications to your site, we will refund your purchase. A refund requires that all files associated with our add on be removed from your site and not installed again.

Refund is void if our add on has been modified or shared to other parties. We cannot refund any purchases made at the PHPfox store as they handle those sales and refunds.

Services Refund

Services (by ScriptTechs, ScriptTechs Staff and Partners) are not refundable once a ticket for service or support is submitted and resolved. If you have not submitted a ticket during your service plan term (30 days), you can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Service fees for installation of official PHPfox patches are non refundable. We do not guarantee patches will work as that would fall back to PHPfox who made the patches. We will always do our best to troubleshoot issues though and resolve the ones we can. In the case that we can't resolve an issue with a patch, we can remove the patch but a refund would not be granted.

Script Installation or upgrades are not refundable once performed or once files have been uploaded to your server. Should an install or upgrade fail due to server issues, a refund will not be granted as we've already expended time and effort to upload the files and attempt the service. You are responsible to ensure your server meets the posted requirements and also knows the script well enough to meet any unposted requirements that would only be known if familiar with the script. We are not responsible for checking your server or helping you to update it to work with the phpFox script or other scripts. Should you not be happy with the site after the upgrade or installation due to script bugs or script features, you will not be entitled to a refund as we are not responsible for script bugs or features and our services were performed solely to upgrade or install the website.

According to our Terms of Use, should your account and support plan be suspended or cancelled due to abuse of staff, or partners, or abuse of the ticket system, a refund will not be granted as you forfeit your claim to any refund should you violate the Terms of Use.

This policy only applies to services provided by ScriptTechs and our staff and partners. Any third party services you get would be under their own refund policies.

Third Party Addons

There are listings in our market from third party developers. These listings are provided as a courtesy and as such they are not covered by our own refund policy. Please be sure to visit the developer's terms of service and refund and support policy pages in order to see their terms before purchasing. Script Techs does not guarantee any third party products nor do we test them.